Hi guys! Welcome back and if you’re a new reader, welcome! I’ve been ridiculously lazy and its been a while since I’ve been here, but I promise this year to take more time to share updates! In the last 6 months, a lot has happened.. some great, and some awful!

So, let’s get into it….the good first..

I recently went in to read for a day role on a new sketch comedy show for Netflix. My audition went well and the casting director was so sweet! We chatted about politics for a little bit before my read (random, but amazing). So, I did my read a couple times and left the room feeling pretty good about that audition. When I got to my car, I noticed that there was someone blocking me and a few other cars in, so I went back in the office and kindly told someone at the front that I was blocked in. When I went back to my car, I sat there to wait for the owner of the car to move his vehicle. Shortly after, a man walked up to my car, banged on my window and yelled that actors could NOT park in the lot. Ooops!!! He was clearly upset, which I can understand because actors probably do this all the time. But he was so rude! I think he owned the building so I figured there was no way I was getting that job. I imagined him going inside and telling the casting director that I parked in the lot and not on the street and that would be a good enough reason for her not to offer me the job I had just so wonderfully auditioned for. So, I left feeling like I did a good audition but definitely wouldn’t book that job nor any other job that she would cast in the future.

I went home to eat and forget about it all.

About a week or so passed and I received a call that I booked!

I didn’t know which job I booked at first, but when I found out the project, I was so surprised because I just knew I was on that casting directors “do not book” list! Lesson learned… “it aint that serious”.

Last fall I also had a chance to read for the head of BET Casting 3 times! The first time was for a show they are currently airing. The second time around was about 3-4 weeks later, for a different project. Its always a good feeling when casting calls you in for different projects they’re working on. After about a week or 2, they called me back in, but this time to read for another role for the same show! Though that audition went well, another actress ended up booking the role. But I’m so thankful to have been called in so often from this office.

Ok, heres the awful part..

Earlier in the fall, I was called in to read for a series regular role for a soap opera and a lead in a new film in Atlanta. Both roles were great. They each had at least 3 pages of copy to memorize and were very different from each other. One problem.. they were both scheduled for the same day, around the same time. I went in for the soap and had a great audition. Because both of my appointments were so close in time to each other, I rushed to change my clothes, in the car, where normal human beings change their clothes, and proceeded to sit in traffic to head to my second audition. By this time, I knew I should have asked my reps earlier to change my audition time or date (if possible). It was way too much I was trying to remember in one day. But I continued on and finally made it to Hollywood for my second audition. As I rehearsed the lines in the car, walking from the parking lot to the office, in the bathroom of the office and in the hallway before my read, I just knew I had the lines down. I was more nervous than normal, but I still thought I could deliver. So, my name is called and I walk into the room ready (or not) to read the first scene. Not even halfway through the first scene, I completely went blank. BLANK! IVE NEVER GONE BLANK! I asked to take the scene back and the CD kindly let me start over. But again, I would still go blank. Guys, it were as if someone had turned the power to my brain completely off. I didn’t even know the words coming out of my mouth.

There is a huge lesson here, that I am thankful to have learned. Moving forward, I will take clear note of and asses my appointments when I have more than one theatrical audition on the same day. The time, date, location, the material.. all of it. If I were thinking correctly, I would have kindly asked my reps to request a different audition date for me. The worst casting will say is NO and at the point you can make a decision on what you want to do. But at least you’ve asked. I knew I would be cramming to learn all of the new material, but I was too unsure to ask for an adjustment that would be helpful for me. Sometimes, its easy to forget that this is your career. Everyone on your team, manager, agent, acting teacher, etc. is helping to support your dream and visions. Its important not to lose your voice and not to silence your intuition in the process of it all. I’ve learned to have the courage to speak up, put myself in situations that will help and not hurt my career and Ive found strength in learning to pass on projects that I don’t think will move my career upward.

In other productivity news, I started studying weekly with Amy Lyndon in Hollywood and am loving it so far. Im already learning so much! I highly recommend her for audition classes as well as Wendy Davis with Audition Game Pro.

I hope the personal experiences I’ve shared can provide some insight and a little help along the way for your journey.

Thanks for reading my loves! Xx


UPDATES | APRIL (🌻still blooming🌻)

UPDATES | APRIL (🌻still blooming🌻)