With Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought now would be the perfect time to start thinking about gift ideas for Momma. How about a Wine tour?!! I absolutely LOVE a nice wine tour. Everything about the whole experience just makes me feel so happy, alive and carefree. Last April I went to Napa Valley for the first time and spent 3 full days touring, tasting and exploring. You can find the details of that experience plus some tips on exploring NAPA VALLEY HERE.

This spring, my mom was in town and I wanted to share a wine tasting experience with her, but I wanted to remain local to SoCal. I heard so many great things about the Malibu Wine Safaris so I thought this would be a great treat for the both of us.

Malibu Wine Safaris


MALIBU, CA 90265


Malibu Wine Safaris offers a variety of different tours to suit your preference. My mom and I booked the Giraffe Safari Tour, which includes 105 minutes of 6 wine tastings, 2 whites, 1 sparking rosé, and 3 reds, meeting and feeding exotic animals, complimentary cracker and spreads, and meeting and feeding the Hollywood star, Stanley The Giraffe.

The tour takes place on Saddle Rock Ranch in Malibu and it is absolutely stunning! We were lead by 2 lovely tour guides, Mitch & Ruby. There were about 16 guests on our tour truck and we all drove around the ranch, sipping and exploring, together. The weather was gorgeous with clear blue skies, just the right amount of breeze in the air and the perfect amount of sun for an outdoor wine tour!

On our first stop, we tasted 3 different wines; a Sparkling Rosé, a Sauvinion Blanc and a Pinot Grigio. My mom and I both enjoyed the sparkling rosé the most. As a guest on the ranch, the guides allow about 15-20 minutes for you to enjoy some relaxation time to sip on wine, take pictures, enjoy the scenery and come back for seconds, of course.


After some time, we all boarded the truck and made our way to the second stop. Here we met and fed some of the animals on the ranch; llamas, alpacas and zebras.


On the third stop, we met the star of the show, Stanley The Giraffe! We got to feed him his lettuce as many times as we wanted and take pictures with him. He was so friendly and absolutely gorgeous. SN: Had no idea giraffes have dark tongues.

IMG_3354 2.JPG

The 4th stop was another wine tasting and this time the wines were paired with salsa dips. We tried 3 different reds, but my favorite was the first one, the Chianti. The scenery of this stop was really unique. There were little mobile homes lined across the field which gave off a different vibe than the first stop.


At each stop there was more than enough time provided to take pictures of the scenery and with the animals.

Once the tour was over and we were back at home base, my mom and I did a bit of shopping at the gift shop where we picked up matching tank tops. I would also recommend wearing a hat (similar to the one my mom has on— she also got it from the Safari Gift Shop) since the trucks are open and Cali weather is usually very sunny.

My first Malibu Wine Safaris experience was as memorable as I would have imagined. I hope you all will consider booking a tour this spring/summer with Malibu Wine Safaris, and maybe even as a gift for your mom or mother figure in your life. If she likes wine and animals, this is the perfect bonding gift to treat her with. If you have any additional inquiries about the tour or experience, I’m happy to help! Thanks for reading and happy blooming!



 🕊️ *FREE GIVEAWAY* | YAYA & CO (Fair Trade + Eco Friendly Home Décor Experience)

🕊️ *FREE GIVEAWAY* | YAYA & CO (Fair Trade + Eco Friendly Home Décor Experience)

UPDATES | APRIL (🌻still blooming🌻)

UPDATES | APRIL (🌻still blooming🌻)