Happy Fall guys!

I hope everyone had a beautiful summer!

My favorite part of the summer is my birthday and after that I’m over it and absolutely ready for the Fall. It’s my absolute favorite season! I love the weather, the fashion, the chilly mornings, the change in color of the leaves and the Holidays that are around the corner. I stock up on pumpkin spice coffee creamer, get fall scented candles and wallflowers and break out all my blazers and booties faster than you could ever imagine. This year I bought a couple decorative pumpkins for the living room coffee table and I love them! I’ll show them on a different post.

This week, I started volunteering at a community center in the morning helping to prep and give out breakfast to the homeless and low-income. I want to start volunteering there at least once a week and implement community service as a larger part of my lifestyle moving forward.

Anyway, Im back for a recap!


A couple weeks ago I went in for a commercial audition. When I got there, I immediately noticed everyone was dressed according to the same theme. I was not.

Then, I read that we had to lip sing the words to a song that I new, casually, but didn’t necessarily know every word to. Fortunately, casting had the song with lyrics playing on a laptop so that we could all practice singing along while we waited for our turn to audition. We went into the audition in groups of 4 and lip sang the song as a quartet. Any chance for a sing along or to get all snazzy and jazzy in the audition room is right up my alley. It was so much fun!

A couple days past and I got an email from my agent that I had a callback. The day of the callbacks, I had an all day meeting. So, I left the meeting right before lunch, changed into my audition outfit (in the car of course) and took the voyage to Santa Monica (Antartica) for the callback.

I practiced lip singing the song the whole ride there. And once I arrived, I had given myself enough time so that I had time in the car to mediate, relax, practice some more and to just breathe before going into the room. I was so proud y’all.

I was also there early enough so that I could get on the road back to my meeting before the daily disaster on the 10 freeway started to build up (if you know, you know). My appointment was at noon and after sitting in the car for a bit, I walked into the waiting room at noon on the dot. All ready to go! The only problem was, this time we had to lip sing a totally different and song. A song I did not know. AT ALL!

I think I stopped breathing for a solid 10 seconds. Then, I politely excused myself from the waiting room, hopped right back into my car and tried to pull it together. I went online where casting posted a link of the song for us to listen to (the link I didn’t notice before) and gave myself 15 minutes to learn the song. It was an original song so I didn’t know any of the words.. or the melody. I figured the fastest way to memorize the song would be to write down the lyrics, as quickly as I could. So, I grabbed my notebook and wrote down the words to the song and just kept repeating them over and over; Memorizing the whole song in sections. When 12:15p hit, I felt confident that I had the song down.

Once I was all signed in I was paired with 2 other actresses to audition with. One of my group members didn’t realize we were singing a different song either, but she didn’t have enough time to go outside and learn the new song. We all did our very best. Casting and the producer in the room were all really sweet and warm. It was clear that they wanted to make sure we all had a good time, which was really nice.

I made it back to my meeting before it was over and about 5 minutes in I got an email from my agent letting me know that producers wanted to put me ON AVAIL. Meaning, you’re not officially booked, but you’re close. Being on avail can lead to a booking, but not always. Sometimes you can be put on avail and be released, for a multitude of reasons that are out of your control. I agreed to the terms, days of filming and pay, and waited to hear back from my agent.

A couple days past and I got word that I booked the spot! I was on set for 2 days with some amazing, talented and reallyyy nice people. God is good guys! i can’t wait to share the project with you all!!


Since shooting that spot, theatrical auditions have started to come in for episodic season, which is exciting. Last week I went in for 2 really cool projects and tomorrow I have to send in a self tape for a Facebook Watch Series project (which I’ve been seeing a lot of lately). I went in for a show that is a reboot of a popular 90’s show and that audition was really great. The casting director laughed so much. I’ve been making an effort to have fun in the room. As simple as it sounds, sometimes we forget to have fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself and having fun with what you’re doing then no one else in the room is going to be having fun watching you. It’s not always easy, but that is something I have really been working on. I try to now use any fear that will come naturally, to my advantage. Not allowing the nerves to work against me, but for me. Leaning into your fears puts you in control of them instead of the other way around. And this has been a game changer for me.

As always, thanks for reading my post! Im inspired by all of you who doers and dreamers who are working on and developing your crafts, daily. Thanks for tuning into my journey :). Until next time!



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