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Welcoming you with love & hugs!  This site is intended to be mutually beneficial for both you and I.  Through sharing experiences, learning, understanding, inevitably changing & gratefully growing, my intent is for all of you and I to evolve together, and enjoy the process while doing so.  I find beauty and inspiration in the little details of things and sharing my perspective of these details and findings is something that brings me great joy.  I looove to learn and get inspiration from others, so please feel encouraged to leave me a note, comment, question, idea, whatever you wish, as I want everyone here to feel motivated and secure in sharing resources and expanding ideas, without shame.  My intent is for this community to feel encouraged to use resources, tools, information and ideas shared here that will not only sow seeds in your own lives, but will empower you to go forward in your journey, with intention, so that you can reap the benefits of a fruitful harvest and then sow more seeds into others.  Thus creating a rippling effect of service, growth and abundance of life, love and light.

“The Measure of a man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he serves” 

– John Hagee

Carpe Diem, Patrice.


Patrice Marjorie from Bowie, MD, is a rising actress who has quickly become known as a driven and fearless comedic and dramatic actress with an uninhibited approach to life. As a poised and well rounded trained professional, she combines almost two decades of acting experience with a varietal background, including holding a Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences.In a short amount of time, Patrice has been blessed with landing roles on “This Is Us” (NBC), “Orange is The New Black” (Netflix), a series regular role on “Totally Clueless” (MTV) , and appeared in other shows like “One Bad Choice” (MTV), “NYC:22” (CBS) “Americas Most Wanted” (Lifetime), and “What Would You Do?” (ABC). Patrice’s latest leading ensemble role was feature film ”On The Wing”, which has won 3 BEST FEATURE Awards to date, also starring Corbin Bernsen and Shirley Jones. Patrice played Tanisha Reid, a brave high school student who is passionate about fighting for justice and standing up for what is right to protect the well being of humans and animals.  Patrice gives all glory and praise to God for her success recognizing that all of her accomplishments would not be possible without Him! She looks forward to continuing to be an inspiration to artists and dreamers, young and old, while maintaining a career that encourages hope, growth, faith, passion, endurance and service.

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